YOUR PERIOD IS LATE OR MISSING – WHAT NOW? The first step for a woman is taking a home test for early detection of pregnancy. The most trustworthy test is BetaHCG blood analysis. If you are pregnant, whether you want to have a baby or not, it is necessary to confirm the pregnancy in an ultrasound exam so that you can plan your next move.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT A BABY and you found pout that you are pregnant, you have to make the most important decision, which is: whether or not you want to get an abortion.

If you are under 18 years old and you decide to get an abortion, you will have to get a consent from your parents. Termination of first, unwanted pregnancy can have consequences to physical and mental health of a woman (girl), which can later cause sterility.

Termination of pregnancy, as well as adolescent pregnancy itself, implies high risks and it is very important that you act quickly.

You should know that the Law allows termination of pregnancy i.e., abortion only before the 10th week. Abortions after the 10th week of pregnancy are possible only after a decision brought by a medical council and EXCLUSIVELY if there are some medical indications for termination of pregnancy that can save the life of a woman or prevent a major damage to her general health, if certain deformities, physical or mental insufficiency of foetus have been detected, or if the pregnancy is a result of a sexual assault (rape).