REthink your health

Sexuality remains a taboo even in 21st century. In that kind of atmosphere, we cannot say that young people are adequately informed about topics regarding reproductive health. The question should also be raised if they receive the adequate type of support, if they know who should they ask for help, and who do they even trust enough to ask for help when they need it.

If you want to know more about your reproductive health, challenges that you may face and the ways of asking for support when necessary – you are in a right place.

This site is dedicated to introducing general terms and facts about reproductive health to young people. Our goal is to promote the significance of education regarding reproductive health and positive impact of this approach to the entire society.


What should we know?

What should we beware of and how?

Who can support us?




The site was developed within the project “REthink your health” supported by Tempus Foundation as a part of Erasmus+ Program by European Union.

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