Who to turn to after I am diagnosed with an infertility issue? Where to begin? There are so many questions and the main question is: who will help me, guide me, and be with me on this difficult journey? Who can provide support for me?

Facing the unexpected issue of infertility is a difficult moment for every woman. We usually do not know to bare the feelings that emerge after we are told such a thing. The initial reaction is shock and denial. After that comes the phase of informing and searching for solutions. Some couples must wait for solution somewhat longer, while some couples begin resolving these issues quicker. It largely depends on support that they receive from their environment and also on their own feelings.

It is much easier to fight infertility if you are younger and your body has more strength for coping with difficult procedures.

If you are trying to get pregnant for over a year, you should visit an infertility counselling centre. For people over 35, this period shortens to 6 months.

In the counselling centre, you will talk to a gynaecologist. After an open conversation with you and your partner (if you go together), the doctor will recommend further procedure of examination and treatment of sterility / infertility in order to help you conceive.

Psychological support is very important for people fighting sterility.

Couples and individuals often feel alone and isolated. They need to have a person who we can talk about anything in order to get rid of the stigma. They need someone who will provide them with understanding and consolation, but , on the other hand, that person should also be a professional.

With the help from psychologist, you will learn different ways of coping with stress, pain and fearsome professionals can primarily focus on your partner and helping them accept the situation.

This can help you overcome negative emotions, anger, disappointment and frustrations, especially the ones caused by failed procedures.

Also, the psychologist can help you overcome the feelings of loss, depression and anxiety as well as other obstacles in your relationship such as lack of adequate communication or difficulties in the field of sexuality. 

The psychologist can also help you make a decision regarding the method of treatment. A good expert is able to help other people define their feelings, enhance their coping skills, develop new ones, and learn to communicate with others more efficiently. 

Many couples discovered that infertility “crisis” was an opportunity for personal growth.