You should not be scared by all the stories you have heard about urologist’s exam. Ideally, you should visit urologist once a year even if you do not feel any discomfort. Remember: it is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it.

Prostate diseases such as enlargement, inflammation or cancer are the most common diseases that men suffer from. Each of these conditions have a different impact on the man’s genitalia.  

Prostate enlargement is common for almost every man. The symptoms are frequent urination, irresistible need for urination, feeling of a full bladder etc. The reason for prostate enlargement is not yet known, but some experts agree that it is slightly more common in men with a sedentary lifestyle. It is also the most common in older men.

Prostate inflammation is caused by inflammation of urinary bladder channels, which is mostly a consequence of infection. 

It is important that you check your own testicles, glans and prostate area from time to time. If you notice any unusual change, you should go to urologist as soon you can. If you notice any difficulties during urination such as stinging sensations or even notice some blood, you should also check in with your doctor.