If you overcome your fears and doubts about sex, then obtain and use protection properly, you and your significant other can have a meaningful sexual life full of joy. This is also beneficial for your health.
Sexual health is more than just the absence of disease or disorders, it is also the ability to experience sexual pleasure and to engage in sexual relations based on equality and mutual satisfaction. These are the result of consent by both sides, respect and intimacy. 

Sexual health adds to the joy of living, helps strengthen relationships and help your personality to mature.

Sexual health includes:
– accepting your body and sexuality;
– freedom of choice – how, when and where to engage in sexual activity;
– the right to have your personal values and respect for the values of others;
– open communication with your partner about sexual needs and desires, in a manner that is not prejudiced or judgemental;
– enjoying your sexuality without guilt, shame or fear;
– protecting yourself and your partner from infections and sexually transmitted diseases;
– freedom to decide whether you want to have children and how many;
– access to information and services (counselling centres);
– freedom from violence and coercion;