Pubic lice is an infection by lice that inhabit your pubic hair. They will bite the skin around the roots of your pubic hair and feed themselves on blood. Even though this sounds highly uncomfortable, you won’t feel pain but rather a strong and persistent felling of itchiness.  This is an allergic reaction to lice bites.

After the itching which is the first symptom, you can notice dark red spots on your pubic hair. Pubic lice are too small to see with the naked eye, what you do see are their eggs attached to the hairs and they reassemble pieces of skin or dandruff. 

Pubic lice are the sexually transmitted disease that is transmitted the easiest, since you don’t have to have direct contact with an infected person to get them. The lice will migrate from the genital area of one partner to the other during close contact. This can’t be prevented by the use of a condom. Lice move slowly, so they are not good at crossing surfaces. They also need the warmth of a human body to survive. This means that getting infected by sharing clothes, towels or bedsheets is very uncommon. Since these cases are uncommon but possible the solution is to do your laundry at a higher temperature.

Pubic lice are very common, especially in gyms, saunas or public baths.