The goal of sexual education is to help you avoid many unwanted consequences of ignorance and prejudice. Its role is to help you realise that premature and unprotected sex is not good for you. Also, it helps you realise when is the right time and what to do when the unwanted happens.

Sexual education should contribute to the development of tolerant relationships and the respect of already established quality relationships between different sexes and people in general. 

When knowledge and key bits of information are readily available, then with the support of your parents, friends, teachers and other important people in your surroundings, you can protect yourself from bad influences and prepare for certain challenges.

With the help of reproductive health education:

  • the data tells us that a large percentage of young people are sexually active, but they don't pay enough attention to their health. A large number of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies among minors confirm this. If we don't inform ourselves and educate the youth about this, it is as if we let them drive without informing them of the regulations. Quality education and timely information are your rights through which you can protect yourself and stay healthy.

  • efficient sexual education helps you realise that engaging in sexual intercourse prematurely is wrong and that you need to be ready. It will point out the need to talk about this openly and without shame. Be it your parents, friends or partner. Open communication enables you to get the right information at the right time. This way you will find out what is the best prevention for an unwanted pregnancy and most sexually transmitted diseases.

  • you need to develop skills needed to form healthy relationships- to know how to communicate and know how to resolve conflict, also how to make mutual healthy decisions about sexual activity.

  • You have the right to say no and choose activities you will partake in. This is connected to the positive body image we develop during our lifetime.

if young people understand what constitutes sexual violence, then there is a grater probability that it won't happen among them at the rate it is happening now. Of course, they should also know where to seek help if needed.